Required Documents KA107 - Outgoing students

Before the nomination through UB you are required to submit the following documents via MobiON:


* Please save all your documents in a uniform way. Suggestion: Name_Surname_Mobility Agreement; Name_Surname_TranscriptofRecords; Name_Surname_Photo


Application Documents (officially translated and certified by a sworn-in court interpreter for the English language)

[01] Diploma and diploma supplement of previously obtained degrees

[02] Transcript of Records

[03] Copy of the first page of your student booklet (Indeks)

[04] Proof of language skills of relevant language at the host institution (such as copies of course certificates, language tests etc.)

[05] CV (in English or the language of instruction of the host institution)

[06] Letter of Motivation (in English or the language of instruction of the host institution)

[07] passport number, date of issuance, date of validity

[08] Invitation letter (from the mentor at the Host institution for PhD students)

[09] Erasmus+ Learning Agreement: Signed by the relevant authority at the home institution

[10] Photo

[11] Confirmation of Enrolement



Acceptance to the Mobility Program – Additional Information


After your mobility has been confirmed by the Partner Institution, in other words, after you have received an Acceptance Letter by the host university, you will need to complete additional steps before heading out to your destination.

For this purpose, you will be able to access the Mobion platform, where you will follow these steps all the way until your safe return from your mobility program. For this reason, please do not forget your username and password to access the tool, as you will continue to use it to log onto the system. 


These are the documents that you will need to upload to your Mobion user account:


To be handed to UB following acceptance to the mobility program-uploaded onto the user account Mobion

[01] Acceptance letter of host institution

[02] Banking instructions for the payment of the Grant in EUR

Banking instructions for the payment of the Grant (the bank account for the payment in Euros should be opened up in the name of the grant recipient). Banking instructions for the payment of the Grant should be in English language issued by the Bank on the Bank memorandum.

[03] Medical insurance policy for the stay abroad

[04] Electronic plane ticket

[05] Signing the Grant Agreement and payment of the first installment of the grant follows the successful uploading of the documents 1-4 onto the Mobion platform



It is the responsibility of the mobility participants to arrange Medical insurance for the stay abroad and Travel Health insurance for the purpose of submitting a Student Visa Application at the relevant foreign Embassy in Belgrade, and to cover costs of the abovementioned insurance from their own funds.

Please note that you will have to provide proof of having sufficient financial means for your stay at the host country for the purpose of Student Visa application at the foreign Embassy/ Consular Office in Belgrade, if needed. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to visit the relevant Embassy’s website for further information regarding the visa application procedure.



During Mobility


When you arrive to your destination, you will need to have a Confirmation of Arrival/Departure signed by the relevant staff at the host institution. When your mobility has come to an end, this same Certificate should be signed in the “departure” section.

Also, make a scan of your outgoing boarding pass and upload it onto your account in the Mobion platform.

The contact person at the host university will be the one to sign your CoA/D and also refer you to the right person in charge of counter-signing your LA. Please note that in order to have your mobility period abroad recognized, you will need to have the original of the LA signed, so take BOTH copies with you to your mobility abroad.

For the purpose of safe-keeping all of these documents, please have the CoA and LA, signed by all relevant parties concerned, scanned and uploaded onto your Mobion account.

In accordance with the terms of your GA, at the end of your mobility and before departure, the host University will need to sign a Certificate of Attendance (Template will be available for download soon) , as a confirmation that you have attended the courses finally approved in your LA. Please note that this is not the same as a ToR, issued after succefully passing the exams, but a confirmation of your regular attendance to the lectures and other relevant activities within the selected study program. 


To be uploaded onto your Mobion user account

[01] Confirmation of Arrival/Departure

[02] Learning agreement (in case of changes, please send the new one to IRO in Belgrade, duly signed by all parties) within a month of arrival at the partner institution.

[3] Upload the scan of your outbound travel ticket or a boarding card, or other document confirming outbound travel. *

[04] Certificate of Attendance

* original documents should be kept until the return from the mobility program and handed-in to IRO UB





To be uploaded first and then handed in to home U IRO

[01] Original of the Learning Agreement signed by all relevant parties

[01] Transcript of Records from the host institution

[02] Confirmation of Recognition (from the home institution (Faculty)

Mandatory! No later than 10 weeks after the stay abroad period has ended!

[04] Certificate of Attendance from the Host Institution, Arrival and Departure ( duly signed by the host institution) (Template will be available for download soon)

[05] EU online survey. Once the Survey has been filled out, the candidate may expect the remaining of the Grant to be paid out

Outbound and inbound boarding card originals, or other proof of travel (train or bus ticket stubs, print-outs, etc); accommodation receipts for the full length of stay where applicable


PLEASE NOTE: After handing in all the required documents and filling out the Erasmus+ EU survey, the second installment of the grant will be paid out