Required Documents KA103 - Outgoing staff

Before you apply for mobility you are required to read the following carefully:


Before you submit the required documents  online, you are strongly encouraged to contact the ECTS Coordinator  at your home Faculty/ Institute, or other relevant contact, for information on which foreign HE institutions are available to you and for which level of study  and for any clarifications regarding the documents to be submitted.

Please note that the ECTS Coordinator or another relevant authority at your home Faculty is the person responsible for guiding you through the process completing the relevant Mobility Agreement (Teaching / Training) .



By signing the relevant Mobility Agreement, and subsequently the Grant Agreement, the candidate takes on the responsibility to honor its terms and conditions. Failure to do so, may result in subsequent reimbursement of the part or full amount of the individual support grant. However, reimbursement shall not be requested when the participant has been prevented from completing his/her mobility activities due to force majeure. Such cases shall be reported by the institution and accepted by the National Agency.

Having enquired about the procedure and the relevant documents, you proceed with your application by registering at “MobiON platform in order to be able to access the application form and submit the documents. Once you register, you will be able to apply for mobility at one priority HE institution abroad. However, you will be asked to, also submit another MA within the Other Relevant Documents section indicating your acceptance to being nominated to another HE institution, subject to the number of submitted applications and your potential ranking among the nominated candidates for the first-choice University.




Before the nomination through UB you are required to submit the following documents via Mobion:


* Please save all your documents in a uniform way. Suggestion: Name_Surname_Mobility Agreement; Name_Surname_TranscriptofRecords; Name_Surname_Photo


Application Documents

[01] Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement(Teaching/Training): Signed by the relevant authority at the home institution

[02] CV (in the English or the language of instruction of the host institution)

[03] Invitation letter

[04] passport number; date of issuance; date of validity

[05] Photo



Acceptance to the Mobility Program – Additional Information


After your mobility has been confirmed by the Partner Institution, in other words, after you have received an Acceptance Letter by the host university, you will need to complete additional steps before heading out to your destination.

For this purpose, you will be able to access the Mobion platform, where you will follow these steps all the way until your safe return from your mobility program. For this reason, please do not forget your username and password to access the tool, as you will continue to use it to log onto the system. 

These are the documents that you will need to upload to your Mobion user account or hand them in in person to the International Relations Office of the University of Belgrade:


[01] Acceptance letter by the host institution

[02] Banking instructions for the payment of the Grant

[03] Medical insurance for the stay abroad

[04] Signing the Grant Agreement and payment of the first installment of the grant  

[05] Work Contract (As per the instructions of The National Agency of Serbia)


During Mobility


When you arrive to your destination, you will need to have a Confirmation of Arrival/Departure  signed by the relevant staff at the host institution. Since this is one single document, you can have the arrival part signed immediately and when your mobility has come to an end, this same Certificate should be signed in the “departure” section. Please make sure to bring the original to the IRO UB upon your arrival home.

Also, keep the originals of your outbound and inbound boarding passes and upload them onto your account in the Mobion platform, whereas the originals should also be handed in to the IRO UB upon your return from mobility

The contact person at the host university is usually the one to sign your CoA/D and also refer you to the right person in charge of counter-signing your Mobility Agreement. Please note that in order to have your mobility period abroad recognized, you will need to have the original copy of the MA signed, so take it with you to your mobility abroad.


To be uploaded onto your Mobion user account/ please make sure you always have the originals with you

[01] Confirmation of Arrival / Departure

[02] Mobility Agreement(Teaching / Training)



After Mobility



To be handed to UB

[01] Original of the Mobility Agreement signed by all relevant parties

[02] Confirmation of Arrival/Departure ( duly signed by the host institution)

[03] Outbound and inbound boarding card originals, or other proof of travel (train or bus ticket stubs, print-outs, etc); accommodation receipts for the full length of stay where applicable

[04] EU online survey. Once the Survey has been filled out, the candidate may expect the remaining of the Grant to be paid out