Required Documents KA103 - Students for traineeships

What is the Erasmus+ traineeship?


A traineeship is any relevant work placement obtained by the student at a Higher Education Institution or other relevant organization abroad.

Taking courses at a higher education institution cannot be considered a traineeship.


Who can apply?


  • Applicants must be students of the University of Belgrade enrolled in any cycle of studies and must start their traineeship abroad not earlier than January 15, 2023 (please bear in mind the fact that if you are going to need a visa in order to complete your traineeship period abroad, take note of visa processing times when planning your mobility program).
  • Students who will graduate within the above period may also apply for a traineeship abroad, as long as they are still students of the University of Belgrade during the application period.
  • The same student may participate in mobility periods totaling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study, independently of the number and type of mobility activities.
  • Participation with a zero-grant from EU funds counts as well towards this maximum duration


Eligible receiving Institution/Organization

The receiving organization can be:

Any public or private organization active in the labor market or in the fields of education, training and youth. For example, such an organization can be:

  • a public or private, large enterprise;
  • a public body at the local, regional, or national level;
  • a research institute;
  • a school/institute/educational center (at any level, from pre-school to upper secondary education, and including vocational education and adult education);
  • university from the EU member-state + North Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein, participating in Erasmus (a Programme Country HEI awarded with an ECHE)


The receiving organization cannot be:

The following types of organizations are not eligible as receiving organizations for student traineeships:

  • EU institutions and other EU bodies including specialized agencies (their exhaustive list is available on the website -;
  • organizations managing EU programs such as Erasmus+ National Agencies (in order to avoid a possible conflict of interests and/or double funding).



Eligible destinations


A traineeship can be arranged at Higher Education Institutions and other relevant organizations in the EU member-countries and the following countries: North Macedonia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

UK will not be eligible for traineeship mobility within this call.


Recognition of the Traneeship Mobility.


Duration of the traineeship


A traineeship period has to last from 2 months minimum. Traineeships within this call can be carried not later than Oct 31, 2023.



Traineeship grant

Scholarships for traineeship depend on the host country. Please see the amounts below:


Host country


For mobility completed no later than

May 31, 2023

For mobility completed no later than

October 31, 2023 *

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway

620 EUR

750 EUR

Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal

620 EUR

750 EUR

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary,  Poland, Romania, Slovakia, North Macedonia,  Slovenia, Turkey

570 EUR

690 EUR

* For mobility completed no later than October 31, 2023: Please note that as of 2022, candidates may receive additional financial support, if certain conditions and criteria are met (i.e. students with fewer opportunities): .


Important information:

  • Travel and insurance costs are not covered for traineeships and must be provided either by the candidate or the receiving institution/organization. For important information regarding insurance during your traineeship period abroad, please download the following document.
  • Accommodation and meals are not provided. You will need to use your subsistence allowance to cover these expenses.
  • The subsistence allowance will be paid out in two installments.
  • The minimum duration of mobility for student mobility for traineeships is two (2) months, subject to the return of the entire grant (100%) if the minimum stay is not fulfilled.
  • Students from less advantaged socio-economic backgrounds (not including students with disabilities/ special needs students), applying for student mobility for traineeship are entitled to receive extra funding of 100 EUR per month.
  • By signing the relevant Learning Agreement, and subsequently the Grant Agreement, the candidate takes on the responsibility to honor its terms and conditions.

For detailed explanations and instructions on the above points, please read the document (download)



Application Requirements


Important: A candidate is required to find a receiving institution/organization and arrange their traineeship conditions and content directly with them.

The receiving institution must provide an invitation letter for the arranged traineeship period.

Important: The receiving institution/organization must comply with all the legal regulations of the receiving country, governing traineeship and labor conditions for foreigners, including but not limited to:

  • Providing a valid working permit for the candidate
  • Obtaining a valid temporary stay visa or a residence permit for the candidate
  • Covering relevant insurance for the candidate, as required by the national regulations of the receiving country
  • Paying all the relevant taxes, as required by the national regulations of the receiving country

These will be referred to in the Learning Agreement for Traineeship, which is signed by the student, the home faculty of the University of Belgrade, and the receiving organization abroad, and in the Grant Agreement, which is signed by the student and the University of Belgrade.

Online Language Support - a language test mandatory for all students and staff taking part in Erasmus+ mobility programs.


Application procedure


Applicants must first register their Mobion accounts (if they do not already have an account on the platform).

Register here <> .


Registered candidates can log in and apply for traineeship here.



Required documents for the application


  1. Invitation letter from the receiving organization (you can download the invitation letter template here, or the receiving organization can provide their own)
  2. Learning Agreement for Traineeship (which should be signed by the student and its home UB faculty at the time of application)
  3. Transcript of Records, containing the information on enrollment
  4. Relevant CV
  5. Passport-size photo

* Learning Agreement and Invitation Letter must be in the English language. All other required documents can be in either English or Serbian.

IMPORTANT: Once you have been accepted for training mobility, please read the information available here:, starting from the section Acceptance to Mobility - Important information (including the sections During and After Mobility). After you have been accepted for mobility, you will need to follow the same steps the student applying for mobility for studies, until you return from your mobility abroad.